One poem

It's pretty rare to have a poem written about you these days.  If you do get one, it's usually from a smitten boyfriend or girlfriend, and badly written.

I'm glad my one poem was written to me as a midwife, and not as a lover. 

I'd like to thank Jenny for this gift.  We were friends before I was her midwife, and have been ever since. 

Thank you Jenny. 

My Midwife
by Jenny Sevy

Suppressing chaos encompassed my being
A lilting pain twirled my limbs
Lord, I cried. Help me. I need your peace

A strong gentle voice drew me in

Look into my eyes,  breathe

I had a calm focus

I could feel the Lord's strength flooding my body

By His strength, I would pull through

Hazel eyes gazed intensely at me
Giving strength
Giving encouragement
Restoring my faith and energy
Swirls of green, gray, blue like healing waters
Flecks of gold reminding me of our Father's majesty
It is finished. Sweet relief
Praise the Lord for sending His sweet angel
She is my sister in Christ
She is my midwife.