Leaving on (lots) of jet planes

In just a few hours I'll be leaving for the Philippines. It will be my first time in that country, and I'm so excited.

I'll be blogging in between shifts at the clinic, the Mercy Maternity Center in Davao, to be exact. It's on the island of Mindanao, that big one in the south. For one month, that will be my world.

I'll be there for Easter, and Mother's Day, and I have a feeling when I come back, I'll be just a little bit changed, the same way I am after every trip.

I've had great support for this trip, prayer, and send-offs. Thank you. I'm ready. I put a clock on my blog so you can see what time it is where I am. (I'm 13 hours ahead of you if you are on CST, USA.)

Keep praying for me. And stay tuned. I'm sure the next chapter of the Great Adventure will be interesting.

'Cause if I have to take four different flights just to get there, you know it isn't going to be boring.


  1. God Speed! I hope to take your place in June - will see what the Lord does. Would have loved to have been there with you but know that my prayers go now. Lean on Him - He is MORE than sufficient for ANYthing! Blessings!


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