5 Scientific Facts about the Male Brain I'm Not Buying

Okay, I don't usually go around reading these kind of articles- no really I don't, for obvious reasons- but this one jumped out at me when I signed into Yahoo for email tonight:

5 Ways to Understand Him Better.

I wouldn't have clicked to read the whole article- again, take a wild guess why- except for the subtitle: Brain differences between the sexes help explain a man's faulty memory.

Oh really? I dunno, if I was a man I wouldn't appreciate that. I mean, if it said, Brain differences between the sexes help explain a woman's faulty memory - or any other inferiority - I'd be really...yeah, off.

So I read the whole article. Shockingly, 4 out of the 5 ways were basically explaining why there is some physical reason (i.e. handicap) why men aren't up to women's standards:

Men have a smaller hippocampus, hence their reduced memory capacity.

Men have a smaller limbac cortex, which is why they don't get hints (reduced emotional capacity).

Men have a thinner cortex which is why they aren't as good at conversation.

Men use the right part of their amygdala instead of the left like women do, hence he may not remember details of important events as well as a woman can.

The only edge men have on women, apparently, is that men's brains produce more serotoin than women's do- that's why he won't cry when his golden lab dies (the article's example, not mine).

Okay, people, I don't know about you but in spite of all the so called scientific evidence here, I'm not buying this. And I think it would be an insult to men if I did.

It reminds me of a little debate that was going on the Middle Ages. It was called the Querreles des Femmes. Some men argued that women were not capable of higher thinking because their skulls were smaller than men's, and this was used to argue against education for females. They also said that because women's hips were wider, they were naturally meant to be mothers and not to be involved in scientific affairs. (Weirdly, I just mentioned this debate on a FB wall conversation today. But that was before I had my coffee and therefore might not have actually been pertinent to the original post at all.)

You don't have to be a feminist to recognize this as misogyny, not to mention hogwash. But is the modern version with men in the reduced brain capacity any more ridiculous?

Sorry, I refuse to give all the great men in my life- pastors, home group leaders, director, brother, uncles, cousins, friends and my son- any such excuse for acting stupid, any more than I would give it to all the great women in my life- pastors, home group leaders, bosses, aunts, cousins, friends, grandmother, and my daughters.

Equality means we all expect the best of each other and each others' brains as God's amazing creations.

End of story.