Las Vegas versus Africa

Facebook can be a two edged sword. Sometimes it helps you stay in touch with friends and communicate and get encouraged and feel positive, and sometimes, well, not.

This weekend for example. A single mom girl friend acquaintance is having a weekend in Vegas with her friend, or maybe it's her sister-in-law. Whatever. Now, is Vegas a big deal to me? Did I even visit there once in the four years I lived in LA? Nope. I mean, I thought about it, but it just never happened that I could get away from my three little ones, and my marriage was already rocky which doesn't make for good couple get aways, but you also don't go to Vegas alone under those circumstances and ....well, anyway, you get the picture, it didn't happen.

But, dang it, she is posting pictures by the minute and I am stuck in the house with sick kids and it was supposed to be my free weekend, and for once I actually did have plans. Granted it was a lady's brunch at church, not Vegas, followed by dinner later with a girl friend -hey, it generally doesn't take much to satisfy me- but when even those had to be canceled I was really bummed.

'Cause there are also couples doing out of town weekendy things together and posting them, and here I am Sunday night, alone at last, but no where to go. Sniff. Yeah, you guessed it. A full blown pity party.

So I'm telling God how I NEVER get a real vacation, you know, the kind where someone treats you so you don't have to feel guilty for spending the money and you get to stay in a hotel and eat restaurant food and cool drinks every day and swim in a heated pool or lay on the beach and get a massage and walk around and have fun without a care just for a day or two somewhere exotic and .....about that time the Holy Spirit kinda clears His throat and mentions in a casual off handed way....

"Yes, you did decide to use your vacation time to go on mission trips this year, didn't you?"

I stopped in my tracks and had a light bulb moment. Yes, of course. I DID get vacations this year, two of them. Doing exactly what I want to do. Traveling to exotic places and delivering babies, and feeling like I am making a real difference somewhere in the world. I had an opportunity and a choice and did exactly what I really wanted to do with my extra time, not to mention that Someone else even paid and provided for the whole thing.

Sorry, God. You are right.

I wouldn't think of trading my trips to Senegal and Liberia in 2010. Not even, no, make that especially not for Vegas.