Different and not so different

What I expected to be blogging by now about is how I barely have time to even duck into the internet shop to dash off a quick update with so many births and exciting things going on.

What I am blogging about today is how much free time I have on my hands waiting for births, and how that is wearing on me. Since the only purpose for being here is to attend births and observe at the clinic, when that is done, I find little to occupy myself. When there is no one in labor, and the prenatal and postpartum visits are done, the clinic compound falls silent. I poke my head in the labor room hopefully, only to find it empty. I visit the postpartum room and coo over the babies and take some pictures, but without a common language my stay only lasts so long. Besides, the moms are tired and want to sleep. It may be the only time in their lives they actually get to rest.

I should be more like them. After the deliveries are done, and the reports written, I should take advantage of my respite and go take a nap or read a book. I may not have many opportunies in my life for such a luxury.

Yes, that is what I should do. Maybe I will. Right after I check in at the clinic one more time.