Ready, where it counts

So with less than twelve hours to go until I board the first plane of three that will take me to the Centre Maternite des Kafountine in Casamance, Sengal, West Africa for an intensive three week midwifery internship, I'm thinking about how I need to make more copies of birth record keeping forms, make sure my extra underwear gets packed, vacuum my floor, wipe out my fridge, wash my dishes, and maybe put in that application for reduced electric bills so it's already in progress when I get back in March.

(March can be hot in Texas.)

But actually, I'm ready. I'm ready because I've had so many friends encouraging me and praying for this trip. Friends calling from out of town and from out of state. Friends calling that I have known since I was 9 years old. Friends messaging me on facebook. Friends texting. And everyone praying for me. Over the phone. In person. At church. At Bible study just a couple of hours ago.

Prayer prepares me like nothing else and gives me confidence, knowing that I am covered.

Maybe even enough confidence to go to bed now, and leave my floor un-vacuumed.